hair and beauty salons

IMG_5775Hairdressers have to deal with their costumers’ biggest ornament: their hair. This requires trust: In the professionality but also in the right feeling for the suitable styling.

Hairdressers are artisans, consultants and psychiatrists. They have both to show professional performance and to provide a good mood.This requires an individual personality.

Hairdressers work in a salon: Jointly used equipment and shared responsibility for telephone and service require the ability to work in a team.

Individual personalities working closely together implies conflict potential. As a mediator I support you in a proper handling with such situations, roles and expectations, in understanding the colleagues’ point of view and in achieving concrete agreements.

“A cordial thanks from the whole team – we all were spirited by this afternoon and by yourself too! You have lead us perfectly through the problems and a lot of things have become clearer.” (Email after mediation in a salon)

Fee: € 80.- per hour