Procedure of a Mediation

The mediator structures the conversation between the conflict partners by specific questions providing the participants with the freedom to fully concentrate on their key concerns.

1. Goals and frame

Mediation starts with the solutions-focussed question: “What has to happen in the mediation to make you say afterwards: That was really worth it!” The participants’ goals and the framework of the mediation are being discussed.

2. Unterstanding the background

This key part of the mediation process is about the lower part of the conflict iceberg. Issues and conflict situations, perceptions, thoughts and emotions are highlighted and therewith the conflict partners’ concerns are worked out.

3. Finding ideas for solution

On the basis of unterstanding each other’s concerns the conflict partners creatively consider different possibilities of making a large part of it real. Often totally new ideas arise.

4. Making agreements

Eventually open questions are sorted out and a concrete agreement is negotiated.